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Acute Migraine Rescue With Propofol, Lidocaine, Anti-epileptics

Migraines, a type of chronic pain, can significantly impact daily life. At SoCal Infusions, we specialize in Ketamine Infusion Therapy for the management of chronic conditions like migraines. Our approach is tailored for individuals who haven’t found relief through conventional treatments. We focus on providing innovative and safe alternatives, avoiding the use of short-acting treatments potentially leading to medication overuse. Our treatment protocols are designed for effectiveness and patient safety, ensuring a personalized care plan for each individual.

Southern California Infusion Therapy|Acute Migraine Rescue

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Intravenous propofol in both subanesthetic and sedating doses has been reported to be effective for acute migraine in outpatient and emergency department settings. In a small study conducted in an inpatient setting for airway monitoring, 18 patients with chronic daily headache (14 with chronic migraine) were treated with repetitive boluses of propofol with a mean total dose of 234mg. Six achieved headache freedom and 11 reported reduced headache intensity with a mean decrease of 4.2 points on a 10 point scale. There were no adverse events other than drowsiness, and in fact, patients who slept between boluses had more pain relief.


Lidocaine, used intravenously, has been studied for its effectiveness in chronic migraines. Research indicates significant improvement in headache symptoms in a majority of patients. However, side effects such as nausea, hypotension, and arrhythmia have been noted. The clinic focuses on providing safe and innovative treatments, aligning with current research and best practices.

Regarding anti-epileptic drugs, they are often used for migraine prevention. Drugs like Topiramate and Valproic Acid have shown efficacy in reducing migraine frequency, backed by strong evidence. At SoCal Infusions, our treatment approach is based on the latest research, ensuring our patients receive the most effective and safe care.


Antiepileptic Drugs are recognized for their role in migraine management. Notably, Topiramate and Valproic Acid are FDA-approved for preventing episodic migraines, demonstrating significant efficacy. At SoCal Infusions, we stay informed about effective treatments in the field, ensuring our approach aligns with the latest research and best practices in migraine management.

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