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Postpartum Depression Therapy with Zulresso

Approved in 2019, Zulresso, an intravenous IV utilized for the treatment of postpartum depression (PPD) in adult women. This is the very first drug approved by the FDA specifically for PPD.

What Is Postpartum Depression?

You may feel as though something isn’t quite right. After all, having a baby can be one of the happiest times in one’s life. But during pregnancy and after giving birth, some women suffer from a medical condition known as postpartum depression (PPD).

PPD is one of the most common medical complications during and after pregnancy. It is important to take care of yourself because experiencing symptoms of PPD may have consequences. You should know that PPD is treatable with your doctor’s help.

Southern California Infusion Therapy|Postpartum Depression Therapy

Why Try Zulresso For Postpartum Depression Treatment?

In clinical studies, moms who took ZULRESSO experienced a greater improvement in symptoms of postpartum depression vs placebo in 2.5 days. Symptoms were measured at the beginning of treatment using a standard depression scale and again at the end of treatment.

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